About Us

Hello! I am Andrea and I am You-Niquely Created. I am commited to creating handmade products that are useful and high quality. I have always enjoyed crafting. I am also a stay at home mother of 3 children.

The BookMark Belt came from the frustration of putting down a book and losing the bookmark that I put in it. After rereading many pages, I came up with this idea. It goes around your book like a belt and you can tighten it so it won't fall out. The Snack Baggies came from deciding that I didn't want to keep throwing away plastic bags! What a waste. And so I am excited to be able to save money for my family and help your family be more environmentally minded as well. There are also Sandwich wraps and fabric gift bags in 3 sizes (small 6"x6", Medium 9"x9", and Wine Bottle size). With all of these products because they are handmade - they can be fully customized. Just email with any questions.

I have also created another site called Southern NH Family Fun. It is a collection of links to places that you can go to have fun with your family in the Southern New Hampshire Area.

And so, thanks so much for visiting the site, feel free to browse and ask any questions that you have.